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Among the blank of Ukrainian history we would like to turn up another obscure page, it is the story about publiñ, political, publishing and professional activity of Ukrainian Attorneys' Union in 1923-1939. Ukrainian Attorneys' Union in Lviv (UAU) pre-conditions were the professional Ukrainian legal organisations and chasopyses (newspapers) existing in Halychyna in the 19th, beginning of the 20th century. The first attempts made by Ukrainian Legal Societies and professional legal chasopyses date of back to the end of the 19th century. In 1881 Lviv University students created Group of Lawyers as a section of the Academia Society. Theaim there of was to extend the feeling of need for fundamental special training of Ukrainians as lawyers for the Ukrainian nation's rights defence. The Group of Lawyers conducted discussions, possessed its own library, and published its resumes. Hence, probably, came the idea about publishing the professional legal newspaper in Ukrainian. In 1889 under the guidance of famous attorneys K.Levitskyj, A.Horbachevskyj, Y.Olesnytsyj and with assistance of O.Ohonovskyj, S.Fedak and M.Shukhevych, they started to publish the Legal Chasopys (1889-1900). Since 1900 till 1910 due to initiative of Legal Commission of Shevchenko Scientific Society they had been publishing the Legal and Economic Chasopys (10 volumes) and also Legal Library (Lviv, 1901-1909, Vol.1-2). In 1909 the Ukrainian Lawyers Society was created in Lviv. Edited by the professor S.Dnistrynskyj, it was publishing Legal Bulletin (three issues). The World War l and the events in Halychyna (1918-1920) turned to be the obstacle in activity of the Society and publishing Legal Bulletin. Failure to become an independent state during 1918-1920 led to Ukrainian's public life decline. All the functions in defence and aid to Ukrainian population in political processes were taken up by Board of Ukrainian Defenders of the Ukrainian Citizens Committee. However, there were attempts to create more substantial -professional organisation to unite all Ukrainian attorneys in Halychyna and all organisations of professional legal chasopys.

As a result of it, in 1923 the Ukrainian Attorneys' Union in Lviv was created, and in 1927 the two issues of the Bulletin of the Ukrainian Attorneys' Union were published (edited by L.Hankevysh). It is worth of mentioning that along with activity of practising Lawyers in Lviv, the law scientist's Activity took place in Legal Commission of history -philosophy section of Sh.S.S. and also industrious training law faculty of Ukrainian Secret University in Lviv was being kept. Among the University teachers were S.Baran, E.Davydiak, V.Verhanovskyj, V.Okh-rymovych, St.Starosolskyj, P.Sosenko, V.Celevych etc. The continuous preparation work led to appearance since July 1, 1928 the first issue of chasopys “Life and Law“ as an issue of Ukrainian Attorneys' Union in Lviv. Since May, 1929 it became the joint issue of Ukrainian Attorneys' Union and Ukrainian Lawyer Society. K.Levitskyj, M.Karatnytskyj, A.Rak, E.Davydiak, O.Nadraha, Y.Levitskyj, R.Perfetskyj in different periods were the members of the editorial board. Besides Legal periodical mentioned, U.A.U. published occasional legal research results. The U.A.U. activity, aimed at Ukrainian nation rights protection,its participation in the political process, public patriotic and professional activity requires separate study. The author, for publishing of it, is preparing the results of this study.

This article's aim is the distribution among lawyers, scientists and attorneys the information about scientific and practical issues of Ukrainian Attorneys’ Union in Lviv.

Scientific publications of Ukrainian law scientists on legal issues in Czech-Slovak Republic, 1921-1940:bibliography.-Kyiv: Ukrainian Publication Association,1998.- P.62.


Scientific activities of the Ukrainian law scientists who emigrated to Czech-Slovak Republic were primarily centered within the department of Law and Social Science of the Ukrainian Liberty University in Prague (ULU)[1]. Moreover, some of the scientists were teaching and engaged in scientific studies at the Ukrainian Industrial Academy in Podyebradakh (UIA) as well as at the Ukrainian High Pedagogical Institute named after M.Dragomanov[2].

Scientific-pedagogical activities involved delivering separate law courses, organizing seminars. The following were the program of courses and names of professors teaching at the Department of Law and Social Sciences at ULU for the first semester in Vienna: prof. I.Ganitsky – Ukrainian Cooperative Movement and its Economic Basis; prof. S.Dnistryansky – Theory of Law, Constitutional Law, International Law; prof. D.Koropatnitsky – Theory of Criminal Law; prof. M.Lozynsky – Monarchy and Republic, Alliance of Countries, Parliamentary and Soviet Form of Administration; associate prof. P.Lysyak – Critical Review of Economic Theories; prof. V.Starosolsky – Genesis of Law, State Law; prof. S.Sheluhin – Law, Ethics, Religion and Justice, historical review of the Ukrainian Law; L.Yeh – Administrative Law. Thus, there were six professors and one associate professor teaching at the Law Department. This Department was headed by: dean – prof. S.Dnistryansky[3], pro-dean – prof. V.Starosolsky[4]. Later the academic process at the Department was under supervision of : 1922/23 dean – prof. F.Shcherbyna, pro-dean – prof. O.Ejhelman[5]; 1925/26 dean – prof. V.Starosolsky, pro-dean – prof. R.Lashchenko[6]; 1926/27 dean – prof. K.Losky, pro-dean – prof. M.Lozinsky; 1927/28 dean – prof. K.Losky, pro-dean – prof. V.Tymoshenko; 1928/29 dean – prof. S.Sheluhin, pro-dean – prof. K.Losky; 1929/30 dean – prof. S.Sheluhin, pro-dean – S.Borodayevsky; 1932/33 and 1933/34 dean – prof. S.Sheluhin, pro-dean – prof. O.Odarchenko; 1934/35 dean – prof. S.Sheluhin, pro-dean – A.Andriyevsky; 1936/37 and 1937/38 dean - prof. O.Mytzuk, pro-dean – prof. L.Shramchenko; 1938/39, 1939/40 and 1940/41 dean – prof. L.Shramchenko, pro-dean – prof. O.Gajmanivsky.

After the ULU had been moved to Prague from Vienna the curriculum for 1921/1922 semester at the Law Department was the following: S.Dnistryansky – Theory of Law, Constitutional and International Law; D.Koropatnytsky – Theory of the Criminal Law, M.Lozinsky – Review of the International Law, Monarchy and Republic, Parliamentary and Soviet Form of Administration; V.Starosolsky – Genesis of Law, State Law; S.Sheluhin – Law, Ethics, Religion and Justice, Historical Review of the Ukrainian Law[7]. With the influx of new scientific authorities to the ULU topics of law courses were modified and expanded. Thus, during the summer semester of 1922 the following new courses were taught: K.Losky – Institutions of the Roman Law, R.Lashchenko – Ukrainian Law; S.Dnistryansky – History of the Public and Private Law, Obligatory Law; V.Starosolsky – Political Law. During the summer semester of 1923 along with the above mentioned courses there were also taught: O.Lototsky – Ukrainian Sources of the Canon) Law; O.Odarchenko – Basics of the Trade Law; O.Ejhelman – Administrational Law; O.Mytzuk – History of Political Economy; V.Shcherbyna – Statistics; V.Tymoshenko – Trade Policy[8]. During winter and summer semesters of 1923/24 in addition to the previously taught courses new subjects would appear: R.Lashchenko – History of the Ukrainian Civil and Criminal Law and Procedures; S.Dnistryansky – Basics of the Ukrainian Private Law, History of the Philosophy of the Law; A.Yakovliv – Civil Procedures; O.Andriyevsky – Civil Law; O.Lototsky – Canon Law and Hierarchy of the Church; O.Odarchenko – State Credit and State Budget; O.Ejhelman – General Sociology, Local Self-Governance.

Further, new law courses were being included into the curriculum: in 1924/1925: S.Sheluhin – Encyclopedia of the Law; R.Lashchenko – History of the Ukrainian State Law during Hetman’s Era; O.Lototsky – Church Independence, History of the Canon Law Theories in Ukraine; A.Yakovliv – Marine, Trade Law; M.Lozynsky – History of the Ukrainian State-Building; in 1925/26: R.Lashchenko – Court System in Ukraine in 17th-18th centuries; K.Losky – History of the Roman Republic; in 1926/1927:R.Lashchenko – History of the Ukrainian Family and Heritage Law; O.Lototsky – Relationship between Church and State in Modern Countries; A.Yakovliv – International Private Law; in 1927/28: S.Dnistryansky – Theory of the Law-Like Mentality; K.Losky – Roman State and Administrational Structure; in 1928/29:O.Andriyevsky – Private Law of the Soviet Ukraine; O.Ejhelman – Structure and Activities of the League of Nations; in 1930/31: S.Dnistryansky – Economic Law, History of the Law in Europe; B.Matyushenko – Forensic Medicine; O.Baraniv – Roman Jurisprudence; in 1931/32: S.Dnistryansky: Philosophy of the Modern Law; A.Yakovliv – Treaties between Ukrainian Hetmans and Moscow in 17th-18th centuries; S.Dnistryansky – Philosophy of the Law in the Old Age[9]; in 1936/37: L.Biletsky, O.Gajmanivsky – History of the Ukrainian Law; O.Andriyevsky – Roman Law; O.Gajmanivsky – Canon Law; A.Yakovliv – Civil Law and Procedures; O.Odarchenko – Trade and Voucher Law; O.Ejhelman – Political Law and General Law Science; in 1939/40: O.Baraniv – Major Issues of Law Terminology; O.Ejhelman – International Court System[10].

In general during 1921-1940 there were sessions on more than 50 separate law courses and seminars taught to quite a significant number of the ULU students. For comparison, the following is the number of students studying at the law and social science department in 1921-1926[11]:


1921/22 1922/23 1924/25 1925/26
Total of registered for the courses

282/258 332/273 142/124 166/112
Regular students 273/256 329/269 134/112 153/108
Extra students 9/2 3/4 8/12 13/4
Optional attendees  









Czech-Slovak Republic 20/12 8/6 3/3 1/2
Eastern Ukraine 211/204  









Trans-Dnister Ukraine 36/30  



Bukovyna 10/11 13/12 5/2 6/2
Kuban 4/0 1/1 6/8 7/4
Byelarus 1/1 1/1  









1/1 3/0




251/220 81/68 74/40





Ukrainians 258/241 323/266 139/120 162/103
Trans-Carpathian Ukrainians 10/5  



Czechs 8/7 4/3 2/3 1/2
Belorussians 1/1 1/0  




Germans 1/4 1/1  





Jewish 4/0 3/0  




1/1 3/3

Most of the lecture brochures of professors and associate professors were published by the ULU and UIA printing facilities as well as by the “Association at UIA”. Specifically scientific-research activities in the sphere of Law were parallel to the academic process and to some extent were also conducted independently. Results of the scientific research were made public through delivering speeches or presenting brochures/essays at the sessions of the department or at the meetings of scientific associations: the Ukrainian Law Association in Czech-Slovak Republic[12], the Historical-Philological Association in Czech-Slovak Republic, the Ukrainian Scientific Institute in Berlin and Warsaw, as well as through participating in various scientific gatherings/congresses. At the first Ukrainian scientific congress in Prague (October 3-7, 1926) the law-sociology workshop had been established within which 4 sessions were held and 25 scientific brochures presented[13]. At the second Ukrainian scientific congress in Prague (1931) the law-economic workshop was established and several scientific brochures were presented[14]. Significant achievement in the activities of the Ukrainian law-scientists was the organization of the Ukrainian Law congress which took place in Prague, October 4-7, 1933 under the honorary chairmanship of the ULU’s rector – I.Gorbachevsky. Opening and summary remarks at the congress were delivered by S.Dnistryansky. At the congress scientific brochures were presented, for instance: L.Biletsky “The oldest version of  “Ryuska Pravda”, Zh.Perich (law professor at the Belgrade University and the International Law Academy in Hague) “Non-juridical elements in the Law”, A.Yakovliv “Progress of the Ukrainian Law in 17th-18th centuries”, S.Dnistryansky “New ways for the Ukrainian State Law”, and many others (total of 34)[15]. Quite interesting were items of the resolution adopted at the congress: “a) congress recognizes it is necessary to publish a scientific-practical version of the text of “Ryuska Pravda”; b) recognizes the necessity to institute Criminal Court in Ukraine with participation of the civilian element; c) to recognize economic law as a valid subject of the University workshops; d) congress recognizes a substantial influence of the Ukrainian social and economic theories upon Moscow and wants to focus scientists’ attention on the fact that it is advisable to further research other aspects of this influence; e) congress expresses its desire to create within the Ukrainian Law Association in Prague the standing Commission on development of scientifically-proven agricultural code of Ukraine” as well as resolutions of unofficial character:“recognizing that the famine is the result of human rights and rights of Nation negation the people gathered at the Ukrainian Law Congress in Prague express their sorrow that this can happen even in 20th century and that the Government of the Soviet Union does not attempt to save the nation from its destruction”[16]. Ukrainian law scientists established in 1923 the Ukrainian Law Association which united primarily law professors of the ULU, and also attempted to establish the Ukrainian Law Institute. However, due to financial constraints this idea was not possible to realize[17]. The purpose of this Association was to “unite theoretical and practical Ukrainian law forces on the basis of researching Ukrainian Law issues, as well as care about social, material (financial) and moral interests of the Ukrainian law scientists in Czech Republic and assist in establishing friendly relationship between the Ukrainian and Czech law scientists”. In 1933 there were 61 members of the Association. Among them there were also several scientists from the Trans-Carpathian Ukraine[18].

Ukrainian law scientists maintained contacts with scientific circles of the Soviet Ukraine, Western Ukraine, Czech-Slovak Republic and other countries. Their publications were printed and revised in magazines in Kyiv and Lviv. In 1928 S.Dnistryansky was elected regular academician of the All-Ukrainian Academy of Science. He also taught law in the Czech High school for political science, civil law in Prague German University and was a member of the examination commission from the law department of the German University[19].

Ukrainian law scientists were also involved in the international law activities, for instance: participated in congresses of the Czech-Slovak law scientists in 1925 and 1930, in the International Congress of Criminologists in Prague (1930), in the first congress of law scientists from Slavic countries in 1933.

This was a very brief overview of the Ukrainian law scientists’ activities in Czech-Slovak Republic which topic assuredly deserves a much more detailed coverage.

Subject of this publication is the annotated bibliography of scientific publications by the Ukrainian law scientists working in emigration in Czech-Slovak Republic: in the Ukrainian Liberty University in Prague, the Ukrainian Industrial Academy in Podyebradakh, the Ukrainian High Pedagogical Institute named after M.Dragomanov, the Ukrainian Technical-Industrial Institute; in Poland: in the Ukrainian Scientific Institute in Warsaw; in Germany: in the Ukrainian Scientific Institute in Berlin during 1921-1940. This bibliography includes publications in Ukrainian, German, Polish, Czech, English and French languages and were printed in Czech-Slovak Republic, Ukraine, Poland, Austria, USA, France, Germany and other countries.

To prepare this bibliography publications were used which were saved due to selfless efforts of many people in special funds of the scientific library named after V.Stephanyk in Lviv, the Lviv State University library named after I.Franko, as well as materials from the Central State Historical Archive of Ukraine in Lviv. It is also worth noting that this is not the first research of such matter. First attempts to prepare a general bibliography of publications by the Ukrainian law scientists in Czech-Slovak Republic were previously made by P.Zlenko, V. and A.Zajikiny[20]. In the research activities to compile bibliography of publications of the Ukrainian law scientists were also involved Ya.Padokha, S.Dnistryansky, V.Starosolsky and A.Yakovliv[21]. In 1930th there were several publications dedicated to particular individuals from among the Ukrainian law scientists group: S.Dnistryansky, P.Klunny, O.Ejhelman, R.Lashchenko. In 1992 M.Mushinka published his essay on the activities of S.Dnistryansky.

The purpose of this publication is to remember unjustly forgotten or previously neglected or unknown scientific publications by the Ukrainian law scientists and bring them back into the realm of the Ukrainian law science.


Ukrainian jurisprudence: materials for bibliography (xix—xx century). -Lviv: Shevchenko Scientific Society, 2002.-P.260



Ukrainian law, as a part of the Ukrainian history, has long-running traditions. Due to concrete historical conditions, Ukrainian law did not have possibilities to develop consistently at the state level until  the early 90s of the past century.

With the restoration of the independent Ukrainian state it is our duty to compile a thorough bibliographic index of works by Ukrainian law specialists  – who worked in the past and who work for the benefit of Ukraine nowadays even though they have been scattered around vast geographical territories of both Ukraine (Galychyna, Trans-Carpathia, Bukovyna) and foreign countries.

The bibliography includes parotially works by the Ukrainian law specialists who worked in the tzarist Russia. Nevertheless, the high level of law science development, and law publications in tzarist Russia illustrate the fact that Ukrainian law schools played a very important role in Russian law formation.

In XIX century there were numerous bibliographies compiled on Russian law science which enable the examiner to evaluate the development of the law science and practice in tzarist Russia. Certainly, it would be difficult to find in those bibliographies even a passing reference to Ukrainian law school or its achievements. The study of this period in the light of Ukrainian law schools still awaits its examiner[22].

The 20s-30s of the XIX century brought hope for the development of Ukrainian scientific and practical jurisprudence. This period is characterized by scientific research patriotism and truly state-hood building ideas in the research of the Ukrainian law history and prospects for its development in the future. However, due to known reasons the development of Ukrainian jurisprudence was extremely ideologically-charged. Yet even under such conditions we can still talk of Ukrainian law schools on theory and history of the state and law, international law, civil, criminal and other brunches of law.

The period of Ukrainian jurisprudence development in the Ukrainian SSR after World War II as not the object for our study. We would just like to indicate a few works which most thoroughly and objectively present the history of this period of the Ukrainian jurisprudence development: Law science and education in Ukraine / Yu. S. Shemshuchenko, I. B. Usenko, B.M.Babij and others; Ex. Edit. Yu. S. Shemshuchenko; 1992.304 p.; Academic legal thought / Compiled: I. B. Usenko, T. I. Bondaruk. Under gen. superv. U.S.Shem­shuchenko.K.: In Yure, 1998.503p. Works which also contain significant factual historical material: Babij B.M. Essay on development of the law research in the Ukrainian SSR, 19191984.Kyiv, 1984.196p. Social sciences in the Ukrainian SSR. 19761980. State and Law. Brochure of compiled materials / edit. B.M.Babij and others.— K.,1982.220 p.

We shall note here a number of well-known bibliographies of the works of jurists in the Ukrainian SSR. Inthe 20-30s the bibliographies of the Ukrainian legislation were compiled regularly: ABC-subject bibliography for NKY Bulletins for 1924.Kharkiv, 1925.70 p; Alphabetical-subject bibliography for legislation pub. from 1919 till 1923, effective on the territory of the Ukrainian SSR. (Comp. By Yu.Katsnelson, I. Kophman).Odessa, 1924.88 p.; Herald of the Soviet Justice. Systematic bibliography of the materials issued in 1927.— Kh.: Chervonyj Druk, 1927.24 p.; Collection of laws and regulations of the workers-and-peasants’ government of Ukraine. ABC-subject bibliography for the 1st and 2nd collections of laws and regulations.— Kh, 1926.49 p.; 1927.— 106p.; 1928.— 54p.

Such traditions still continue on today. A whole range of bibliographies and reference guides were devoted to personalities of Ukrainian jurists: Boris M. Babij/Preface by A.P.Taranova; Comp. by G.A.Oskoma; Edit. Board K.M.Sytnik and others.K.: Naukova Dumka, 1984.58p.; Valentin K. Mamutov/Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. Comp. by V.I.Dudina.K.: Naukova Dumka, 1994.— 63p.; Vasyl Ya. Tatzij: Jimed for the 60th birth anniversary and 35th years of scientific-pedagogical and social activities/Yu.M.Hroshevoj (comp.): Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences; APNU.— Kh: Law, 2000.— 50p.— (Biography and bibliography of jurists); Victor P. Kolmakov (19131973). Bibliography.— Odessa, 1975.— 13p.; Victor V. Tzvetkov (jimed for the 75th birthday anniversary and 50 years of scientific-pedagogical activities) / V.I.Semchyk comp. Academy of Law Sciences of Ukraine.— Kh.; Law.— 1998.— 29p.; Vitalij I, Semchyk (O.Polivodskyi comp.): Koretskyi Institute of State and Law.— K, 1997.— 43p.; Vladimir M. Koretskyi: Bibliography.— K.: Naukova Dumka, 1984.— 60p.; Voronenko V., Kisterska L., Matveyeva L., Usenko I., Mykola P. Vasylenko / Preface by Yu.Shemshuchenko.— K.: Naukova Dumka, 1991.— 272p.; Depenchuk L. Bohdan Kistyakivsky.— K.: Basics, 1995.— 174p.; Marko I. Bazhanov/Yu.V.Baulin (comp.) Academy of Law Sciences of Ukraine.— Kh.: Law, 1997.— 30p.; Olexandr M. Bandurka. Bibliography for the 60th birth anniversary.— Kh., 1997.— 32p.; Petro P. Mykhaylenko/Yu.Sytnikov (comp.): Ukrainian National Academy of the Interior.— K.,1999.— 39p.; Fedir H. Burchak. Academy of Law Sciences of Ukraine.— K.:InYure, 1999.— 20p.; Yurij S. Shemshuchenko: Timed for the 6oth birth anniversary / Yu.Ya.Kasyanenko-comp.— K.:Geneza, 1995.— 51p.

Special attention shall be paid to the scientific researches by the Koretskyj Institute of the State and Law presented in bibliographies: Systematic index of works published by scientific personnel of the State and Law Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1949—1969). Issue 1. / USSR Academy of Sciences. Institute of the State and Law; Comp. By G.O.Oskoma, V.O.Khorkova.— K.,1971.— 173p.; Systematic index for works published by scientific personnel of the State and Law Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1971—1974). Issue 2. / USSR Academy of Sciences. Institute of the State and Law; Comp. by G.O.Oskoma, V.O.Khorkova.— K.,1974.— 101p.; Koretskyj Institute of State and Law of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences. Scientific achievements for 50 years (1949—1999)/ Executive editor Yu.S.Shemshuchenko.— K.: InYure, 1999.— 347p.

During the existence of the Ukr. SSR soviet researchers of the ukrainian jurisprudence normally overlooked or gave a biased coverage of the activities of the Commission on studying history of Western-Rus’ and Ukrainian Law[23], the Commission on studying customary law of Ukraine and the Commission on soviet law which were established by the All-Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. Unfortunately, even modern researchers do not pay enough attention to the activities of those Commissions and works of their employees. Therefore, the author includes into the index the bibliographic description of works by Ukrainian law specialists which editions were published in the editions of the All-Ukrainian Academy of Sciences: “Works of the Commission on studying Western-Rus’ and Ukrainian Law”, “Works of the Commission on studying customary law”, “Scientific experiments and exploration by the Commission of the soviet law”, “Collection of the socio-economic department of the All-Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (VUAN)” and “Proceedings of the socio-economic department of the VUAN”.

With no attention from both the soviet jurisdiction as well the modern Ukrainian jurisdiction left has been a whole stratum of works by the Ukrainian law specialists who were working outside the Soviet Ukraine, researching Ukrainian law and law of the other countries, developing Ukrainian school of law and thus, in our opinion, such works should become an integral part of the Ukrainian jurisprudence.

Nevertheless a whole stratum of researches by Ukrainian law scientists who were working outside the Soviet Ukraine, making researches of Ukrainian and foreighn law, and developing Ukrainian school of law has been left with no attention. In our opinion, such works should become an integral part of the Ukrainian science of law.

Unfortunately, there are no specific bibliographies of works of the Ukrainian law specialists who worked outside Ukraine. It’s worth noting, though, some bibliographies which partially include works by the Ukrainian law scientists from various historical periods: Bibliography of scientific works of Ukrainian emigration 1920—1931/Compiled by P. Zlenko.— Prague, 1932.— 154p.; Dnistryanskyi S., Starosolskyi V. Ukrainian law professors // Jubilee Almanac of the Ukrainian Law Union (SUA) in Lviv.— Lviv: SUA, 1934.— P.126—145; Zajikin V.,Zajikina A. Historico-juridical science of the Ukrainian emigration and its major ideological directions. Concerning it’s characteristics expressed in the article by L.Okynshevytch National-democratic concept of the Ukrainian law history in the works of academician M.Hrushevskyi // Ukraine.— K., 1932.— Part I,II ½.— Lviv, 1937.— 19p., Padokh Ya. Subject-matter of the history of the Ukrainian law in Ukrainian Free University (UFU) and its teachers (1921—1981) // Scientific collection of the UFU.— Munich, 1983.— V.10.— P.1031— 1049., Tschubatyi N. Gegenstand der Geschichte desukrainischen Rechts // Contributions a L’Histoire de Ukraine au 7-e Congress International des Sciences Historiques.— Leopol,1933.— Ð.69—95; Tschubatyj M. Literatur und ukrainischen Rechtgeschichte in den Jahren 19191929 // Przewodnik historyczno-prawny.— Lwow,1930.— Rocznik 1, Zesz.2— S.162—179; Zesz.3.S.263283; Zesz.4.— S.388—411.— Abdruck: Lemberg, 1931.— 63 S.; Yakovliv A. Scientific work of the Ukrainian emigration in the sphere of law // 2nd Ukrainian scientific conference in Prague.— Prague, 1934.— P.107— 112.

Many works are devoted to the Ukrainian law scholars who worked outside Ukraine they are presented by the author in the first part of the book in the chapter:Personalities of Ukrainian ;Law specialists. Moreover, we would like to note some works by the modern researchers devoted to personalities of the Ukrainian law specialists which have been published recently in Ukraine; they are not included in the book: Andrusyak T. Kost’ Levytskyi: life for the sake of the people // NTSh Herald.— Lviv, 2000.— Part 23— P.6—8; Andrusyak T. Academician Stanislav Dnistryanskyi and his role in establishing UFU // UVU Scientific collection.— Munich; Lviv,1995.— V.17— P. 62—67.; Andrukhiv I., Arsenytch P. Ukrainian law specialists in the national revival of Halychyna:1848—1939.— Ivano-Frankivsk, 1996.— 79p.; Vosnyj V. Founder of the Ukrainian jurisprudence (Timed for the 125th birth anniversary of academician S.Dnistryanskyi) // Herald of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences (NAN).— 1995.— No 11/12.— P. 59—63.; Halushko M.V., Romanyuk M.M. Stanislav Dnistryanskyi editor of the first Ukrainian law publications // Collection of works by the scientific-research center of periodicals / Under ed. of: M.M.Romanyuk.Lviv, 1996.1997.— Issue ¾.—3/4 P.395—399.; Kulchytskyi V. Vivcharenko O., Bojko I. Ukrainian jurisprudence in personalities.— Ivano-Frankivsk, 1995.— 38 p.; Kupchynskyi O. Distinguished organizer and supporter of the Ukrainian science // NTSh Herald.— Lviv, 1988.— Part 19/20.— P.38—40.; Mushynka M. Academician Stanislav Dnistryanskyj // Herald of the USSR Academy of Sciences.— 1991.— ¹6.— P.86—96.; Academician Stanislav Dnistryanskyj (1870—1935): Bibliography/Compiler and author of the preface M. Mushynka.— Kyiv, 1992.— 93p.; Manuscript heritage of Yaroslav Padokh. List of cases from personal archive / Preface by O.Kupchynskyi. Some words about Yaroslav Padokh and his archive.— Lviv; New-York, 2000.— 41p.; Ohorodnyk T. Advocacy and socio-political activities of V.Starosolskyj 1929—1939 (based on articles from Dilo” newspaper) // Collection of works by the scientific-research center of periodicals-Lviv, 2000.— Issue 7.— P.375—393.; Sukhyj O. Mykhaylo Lozynskyj: scholar, public figure, politician (Scientific exploration).— Lviv,1995.— 31p.

During the period of the XIX-earlyXX century the works by Ukrainian law specialists were presented in the bibliographies published at that time in Halychyna. Materials for that period (1848—1900) are used by the author from the publication Repertoire of the Ukrainian book”, (798-1916: Materials for bibliography. V.14/Comp., preparation and references by L.I.Il’nytska; O.I.Khmil; Scientific edition by Ya.R.Dashkevytch (Lviv, 19951999) presented with preserving the descriptions and orthography used at that time. It is also has to be noted that the works of Ukrainian law specialists from Halychyna were used in specialized Polish-language law bibliographies published on the territory of Austria and Rech Pospolyta, however those were only the works published in the Polish language.[24]

The works of Ukrainian law specialists from Trans-Carpathian region are partly presented in the collection: General bibliography of Podkarpatye / Compiled by Nikolaj Lelekatch and Ivan Harajda.— Uzhgorod: Publication of Podkarpatye Scientific Association in Unhvar, 1944.— 148p.— (Literary-scientific library; Part 30). Descriptive analysis of achievements by the Ukrainian law specialists from Bukovyna is presented in I.Novosivskyi’s article “Ukrainian jurists in Romania after 1918” published in the journal “Law. Herald” (New-York) in 1995.[25] The works by the Ukrainian law specialists from Trans-Carpathia and Bukovyna are partly presented by us; yet, in our opinion, this period and activities of the Ukrainian law specialists in these regions of Ukraine are still to be thoroughly studied.

The author has also published a number of works from the law bibliography.: “Life and Law (19281939):Systematic index”.Lviv: NTSh, 1995.36p., Union of Ukrainian Advocates in Lviv. Part 1:Index of publications. – Kyiv: Ukrainian Publisher’s Union, 1998.— 55p. Scholarly papers of Ukrainian jurists in the law sphere in the Czechoslovak Republic in 1921—1940; Bibliography. – Kyiv: Ukrainian Publisher’s Union, 1998.— 62p.

Publications of Ukrainian jurists were selectively included into bibliographies published in the USA, Canada, Germany etc. Up-to-date computer technologies allow to see on web-sites in the Internet[26] some selective information about Ukrainian law publications in Ukrainian and in other languages.

This bibliography represents an attempt to compile a consistent bibliographic index of the works by Ukrainian jurists in the  XIXXX centuries.

This bibliography includes works of Ukrainian jurists who worked at Lviv University, the Ukrainian Underground University in Lviv, the Ukrainian Free University (UVU) in Prague and Munich, the Ukrainian Scientific Institute in Warsaw and Berlin, the Ukrainian Industrial Academy in the Czech Republic, the Ukrainian High Pedagogical Institute after M.Drahomanov in the Czech Republic, The Scientific Society after Taras Shevchenko, the Ukrainian Free Academy of Sciences in Germany and the USA and in other scientific and educational institutions.

The collection consists of two parts: the first comprises works by Ukrainian jurists, namely, specific publications, monographs and theses presented in the following journals and collections: Bohosloviya (Warsaw); Volya (Vienna); Elpis (Warsaw), Notes of NTSh (Lviv); Notes of the Ukrainian Academic Community at the Ukrainian Industrial Academy (UGA) in the Czech Republic (Podyebrady); Notes of UGA in the Czech Republic (Podyebrady); Notes of ChSVV (Rome); Historical calendar-almanac of the Red Kalyna (Lviv); Calendar of the “Prosvita” Association (Lviv); Knyhoylub (Praha); Literary and Scientific Herald (Lviv); Scientific Notes of the Ukrainian Technical and Industrial Institute (Munich); Scientific and collection of UVU (Prague); Works by historico-philological society in Prague (Prague); Works of the Ukrainian Scientific Institute in Warsaw (Warsaw); Development of the state (Montreal); Development of the nation (Prague); publications of NTSh in series of Rus’ka historical library of NTSh” (Lviv); Russian People’s Voice” (Uzhgorod); Modern contemporary Ukraine (New-York); Our time (New-York; Toronto; Munich); Ukrainian calendar (Warsaw); Ukrainian independent (Munich); Abhandlungen des Ukrainischen Wissenshaftt­li­chen Institutes in Berlin (Berlin); American Slavonic and East Euro­pean Review (New-York); Archiv fur Rechts und Wirt­schafts­phi­­so­phie (Berlin-Breslau); Archiv fur die Zivilpraxis (Vienna); Czasopismo prawnicze i ekonomiczne (Krakov); Indiana Law Journal, Iherings Jahrbucher fur die Dogmatik des  burgerlichen Rechts (Yena), Gazeta sudowa Warsaw); Gerichtszeitung (Hrunbut); Justice das le monde (Luvien); Jurisprudentia Argentina; Zeitschrift fur das Privat — und uffentliche Recht der Gegenwart, Jahrbuch der Ukrainenkunste (Munich); Jahrbucher fur Geschichte Osterreichische Zeitschrift fur Afentliches Recht (Vienna); Osteuropas (Breslau (now Wrotzlaw); Le Monde slave (Paris); Les questions ukrainienes (Zurich); Mjeseunik (Zagreb); OstEuropa (Jahrgunu); Îst-Europa (Berlin); Osterreichische Richter Zeitung (Vienna); Palestra (Warsaw); Parlamentsprotokolle (Vienna); Pravnik (Prague);  Prawnik (Warsaw); Proloque (New-York); Przeglund prawa i administracyi (Lviv); Przewodnik historyczno-prawny (Lviv); Revista Espanola de Derecho Internacional (Madrid);Revista de Estudios Politicas (Ìàäðèä); Revue de Droit International (Geneva); Samorzud Terytorjialny;  Sbornuk vud pravnuch a stutnuch (Prague); Slavia Orientalis (Warsaw); Slavic and East European studies (London); The Ukrainian Quarterly (New-York);The Annals of Ukrainian Academyof Arts and Sciences in the United States (New-York); Ukrainian Review (London); Zeitschrift fur Geschichte Osteuropas (Breslau (now Wrotzlaw); Zeitschrift fur Osteuropische Recht (Breslau (now Wrotzlaw); Zentralblatt fur die juristische Praxis (Vienna).

In the first part of the collection the annotated description of the works published in the Ukrainian, German, Spanish, French, Polish, Czech, Serbian, English and Russian languages is given; they were edited in Austria, England, Argentina, Belgium,Canada, Germany, Poland, the USA, Ukraine (Halychyna, Bukovyna, Trans-Carpathia, partly in the Ukrainian SSR), France, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Yugoslavia and other countries over 200 years.

The second part of the collection includes annotated content description of the Ukrainian professional law publications and law newspape which were published in the XIX—XX century; es in the Ukrainian language: „Chaasopys Pravnycha” (Lviv); „Chaasopys Pravnycha i Ekonomichna” (Lviv); „Pravnychyj Visnyk” (Lviv); „Law Herald” (New-York); „Bulletin of the Ukrainian Advocates Union in Lviv” (Lviv); „Zhyttya i Pravo” Lviv); „Pravni porady” (Kolomiya).

HISTORY OF Ukrainian Attorney’s Union in Lviv(1923-1939) // Advocate, Kjiv.-2002-¹ 4/5.-P.98-106


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